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Rebecca Stockley
Principal Trainer
As the first trainer hired by SpeechSkills, Rebecca initially joined the team in 2002, delivering presentation skills workshops to clients such as Google, Facebook, and UC Berkeley Extension. She has since become our leading one-on-one executive coach, working with top-level executives in the fields of law, finance, technology, and design.

Rebecca is also one of the most sought-after improv teachers in the United States.  In addition to working with numerous top universities and theater schools, her corporate clients include Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, and Telltale Games. As a leader in the innovative field of Applied Improv, Rebecca was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2005.

A founding member of BATS Improv, Rebecca was the first dean of the BATS School of Improv, now celebrating it’s 29th year. With a BFA from the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program, she continues to be an active mainstage performer.
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