Cara Hale Alter’s keynote presentations provide the perfect blend of substantive material and tangible takeaways, all delivered in a playful, energetic style. For each of the topics below, Cara...

  • Demonstrates and models core concepts
  • Uses storytelling to provide humor
  • Cites real-world examples and case studies
  • Breaks down material into skills and concrete actions
  • Provides action steps for practicing on one's own
  • Can provide bulleted handouts, self-assessment materials, and practice games/checklists
  • Can provide audience-participation exercises for every core concept

The Credibility Code

In her signature presentation, Cara Hale Alter deconstructs what it takes to carry yourself like a leader. Using the criteria laid out in the book The Credibility Code, she emphasizes the power of the “sub-textual” conversation and identifies the specific “codes of conduct”—for posture, gestures, vocal skills, eye contact, and more—that influence the perception of credibility. Download Keynote PDF

Aim High: Empowering Women in Leadership

Why aim high? Because when we expect more, we get more. This is a fundamental lesson for playing effectively in a male-dominated business world. In this presentation, Cara Hale Alter defines the explicit “codes of conduct” for exhibiting leadership presence. She describes how to strike a balance between authority and approachability and how to recognize gender-based communication cues—body language, vocal patterns, and mannerisms—that can unintentionally lower one’s status in the workplace. Download Keynote PDF

Taming Adrenaline: Surefire Strategies for Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

Speaking anxiety holds many people back from applying for promotions, sharing their expertise, meeting new people, and taking advantage of opportunities in love, life, and career. With more than 1,500 stage presentations under her belt, Cara Hale Alter has firsthand experience with managing nervousness. She addresses the topic with warmth and humor, and along the way, she offers practical, real-world solutions for bringing speaking anxiety under control. Ready for a personal breakthrough? Download Keynote PDF

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What People Are Saying

“A true master of public speaking, Cara Hale Alter is not just compelling and captivating; she shows you how to be compelling and captivating. She is the closest thing to a magic pill that transforms you into a leader.”
—Jeannine Yoo Sano
White & Case, Intellectual Property Litigation
“When it comes to executive presence, Cara Hale Alter is the only expert I’ve ever seen who can define it, demonstrate it, and make it actionable.”
—Lynda Ziegler
Executive Vice President
Southern California Edison
“Thanks again, Cara, for your AMAZING presentation at the Leadership Academy. You received nothing but rave reviews. We had several Board members in attendance who have attended many professional development programs. They said they’d never seen a presentation like yours and learned so much from it. ”
—Jamie Dolkas
Director of Women's Leadership
UC Hastings College of the Law
Center for WorkLife Law

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