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Alycia Tumlin
Programs Coordinator
Alycia brings over 15 years of education and program management to her position at SpeechSkills as the online and live training programs coordinator. In addition to a BFA in Theatre Arts, she has also earned teaching credentials in English and Drama. Her broad range of experience - from creating programs for students and teachers in Bay Area public schools to international training for UK brand Lush Cosmetics, as well as performing in ​Teatro Zinzanni’s​ vaudevillian cirque variety show - makes Alycia a perfect fit for the SpeechSkills team.

Alycia lives with her husband, Kevin, along with 33 chickens, 8 rabbits, 4 beehives, a pit bull named Pig, and a cat called Monkey. Together they are co-owners of a farm goods brand called Bitchy Bees​. On most weekends you’ll find Alycia either up to her elbows in dirt or sitting in the garden with a chicken in her lap.
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