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Public workshops
Location: All of our open enrollment workshops are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Manhattan, NY. Click here for our upcoming workshop schedule.
Length: Open enrollment workshops are either one or two days in length and typically run from 9am-5pm.
Class size: Workshops are typically limited to 8 participants.
Course descriptions: All of our open enrollment workshops include individualized feedback and on-camera coaching. Click here for more detailed course descriptions.
Enrollment: Click here to enroll in an open enrollment workshop.

What if I don’t live in the SF Bay Area or near Manhattan?
If you’re an individual and can’t travel to the SF Bay Area or Manhattan, we suggest you enroll in the The Credibility Code Online course. Click here for more information.

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Online video training
Credibility Quest is an interactive online program in a virtual coaching format. It's perfect practice vehicle for mastering the skills of The Credibility Code. Each of the 30 micro-lessons includes a short video clip, interactive questions, online practice exercises, and offline practice ideas. This virtual coaching format is designed to provide the support structure necessary to take your skills from concept to concrete habit. LEARN MORE

The Credibility Code Online is a video library and self-study guide. A comprehensive collection of 25+ learning videos ranging in length from 5-30 minutes covering SpeechSkills’ core curriculum. Videos can be viewed individually or as part of a Self-study Six-module Course. LEARN MORE
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Books and games
In the book The Credibility Code, Cara Hale Alter outlines the specific “codes of conduct” that influence the perception of credibility. Additionally, our boxed set of SpeechSkills SoundBites cards, gives you a unique opportunity to practice what you’ve learned by combining fun with skill building. LEARN MORE
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1-1 coaching
Whether you want to increase your overall skill level or prepare for an upcoming event, one of our expert SpeechSkills trainers can provide personalized coaching in hourly sessions via Skype or onsite in our San Francisco office. LEARN MORE
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“After more than twenty five years in the Training and Development industry, every once in a while a gem crosses your desk. SpeechSkills provides the complete package to show you how to deliver your message with impact."
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