Virtual Seminars for Your Business

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Building Trust and Rapport in a Virtual Medium (~1hr) - Live Virtual Seminar
In this 60-minute seminar, Cara Hale Alter takes the core concepts from her book The Credibility Code and adapts them to the virtual medium. She’ll provide nutrient-rich information on how to look your best on webcam, build trust and rapport through nonverbal cues, and counteract “Zoom fatigue.”
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How to Lead Engaging Zoom Meetings (~1hr) - Live Virtual Seminar
Designed for anyone who wants to take better advantage of Zoom’s interactive tools
and features to create more dynamic meetings. Everyone will walk away with firsthand experience using the tools of chat, reactions, feedback, polling, breakout rooms, screen share, and other advanced meeting features. Understanding these tools will drive more interaction and participation for all Zoom participants.
All of our live, in-person trainings can be delivered virtually!

Virtual Training for Individuals

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Projecting Credibility & Confidence - (Live via Zoom)
Small group workshop — $695.00
Whether you are meeting one-on-one, in virtual meetings, or giving a formal presentation, appearing credible and confident will significantly raise your effectiveness. Through a combination of tailored curriculum, precise feedback, and practical skill building, this workshop will increase your awareness of your personal style while providing you with a tangible action plan for improvement.
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Pitching yourself! How to tell your story in an interview - (Live via Zoom)
Small group workshop — $395.00
Whether you are interviewing for a new job, founding a start-up, presenting on a panel, or networking at a conference, learning how to talk about who you are, what you do, and why you do it can be the difference between capturing an opportunity or missing one.
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Personal Storytelling - How to tell your story in TED-like talk - (Live via Zoom)
Small group workshop — $395.00
Today’s stand-out speeches, presentations and TED-like talks require creating a quick connection with your audience by revealing what’s essential about you and letting them in your shoes. Knowing how to tell your story and speak with authenticity will help your message stick— and be shared with others.
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1:1 Coaching - (Live via Zoom)
Direct feedback and individualized coaching — Hourly
Whether you want to increase your overall skill level, prepare for an upcoming event, or become more effective when on a virtual meeting, one of our highly qualified SpeechSkills trainers can provide personalized coaching in hourly sessions via video Zoom (or any virtual format).

Self-paced Online Programs

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Credibility Quest - Online Course
A self-paced online program — $250.00
Credibility Quest is a robust, self-paced, online program that helps you develop a confident, credible image. Instead of focusing on what to say, Credibility Quest gives you awareness and control over how to say it, enabling powerful transformations in the way you are perceived.
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Credibility Essentials - Online Course
The fastest and easiest way to learn our skills — $100.00
Designed for busy professionals, this course provides content-rich lessons in bite-sized portions. Credibility Essentials defines and demonstrates the fundamental skills necessary for projecting credibility and confidence in an easy to learn, quickly digestible format.