Train the Trainer

Our Train The Trainer certification enables corporate trainers and independent coaches to facilitate our signature 1.5-day “Projecting Credibility and Confidence” workshop and provide one-on-one coaching support using SpeechSkills’ materials and methodologies.

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Tools for trainers

Our resources give each trainer candidate the tools to be an effective role model of the material. Including:

  • Three-day certification workshop - Live training led by SpeechSkills founder Cara Hale Alter.
  • The Trainer’s Manual - This extensive guide gives you all the information necessary to execute each activity of the 1.5 day “Projecting Credibility and Confidence” workshop, including:

  • Timeframes - When to begin and end each activity, conversation, video, etc.
  • Objectives - The clear “why” behind each lesson and activity.
  • Instructions - A step-by-step guide on how to execute.
  • Scripts - Sample scripts for the more complex activities.
  • Possible discussion points - Outlines typical questions or challenges that may come up during the activity.
  • Photo thumbnails - Provides a thumbnail of the associated video, exercise, or worksheet in the Participant Workbook so that the trainer can stay “on the same page” as the participants.

  • TCCO support videos - Pinpoints the video in the TCCO library that addresses the skill in more detail, with specific time code.
  • Trainer’s master notes – A “cheat sheet” with the answers to all worksheets.

  • The Credibility Code Online (TCCO) video library - The library provides an in-depth video lesson for each core concept (over 20 total) including demos of how to lead the associated skill drills, practice ideas, and assessment tools.
  • The Credibility Code - Written by founder Cara Hale Alter, this book details the core concepts of the Projecting Credibility and Confidence workshop while providing case studies, practice tips, and real-world anecdotes.
  • 30-minute group follow up calls – Led by Cara Hale Alter, these calls give trainers the opportunity to ask questions and receive updates even after the three-day certification course is complete.

How the licensing program works

After completion of the three-day live certification workshop, Certified Trainers are authorized to use SpeechSkills content and materials to train their own workshop participants, employees, and/or coaching clientele for a period of up to two years after the certification date. During this period, the Certified Trainer is required to license materials from SpeechSkills by way of a Participant Packet for each person that he/she trains.

Each Participant Packet includes:

  • A 43-page Participant Workbook with worksheets, bullets of core concepts, self assessment tools, and practice checklists

  • Access code valid for one year to Credibility Essentials with over 30 bite-sized videos that focus on key skills and practice ideas
  • A copy of The Credibility Code

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