Why is it important?

In order to get anything done in this world, you need buy-in. You need to collaborate, influence, and co-create. To be effective, you need others to listen to your opinions and act on your advice. The more you project credibility, the more your voice will be heard.

What you're not saying

What you're not saying says so much about you.

We all exhibit physical mannerisms and vocal patterns that are unique to us. They are unconscious habits. However, these habits are the cues other people use to assess our competence and credibility. If you’ve been striving to play a bigger role, but your contributions are undervalued, it’s possible you’ve neglected these critical signals.

It's not you. It's your Visible Credibility.

At SpeechSkills, we’ve coached thousands of individuals to perform at their best. So we know that what is often diagnosed as a character flaw - you’re too much “this” or not enough “that” - is usually just a straightforward skills gap, and we are experts at identifying the specific behaviors that need adjusting.

Visible Credibility

“Before I took this class, I used to think that certain people had special gifts. Now I understand that these are skills that are achievable for everyone.”

— Adam Rothschild, Product Engineering, Mindtribe

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