Our Approach

We started by asking some questions. What does confidence look like? How does credibility reveal itself? Why do some people inspire trust while others don’t?

As it turns out, there are some observable cues that have a disproportionately positive impact on your image. We make it our mission to define them, demonstrate them, and offer a clear plan for mastering them.

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Our People

Our company has a strong background in theater and improv, so we are acutely aware of how body language, vocal tone, and mannerisms can affect your character. Our trainers have the unique ability to demonstrate the power of these cues by turning positive and negative behaviors on and off like a switch.

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Our Principles

We start with the assumption that our clients are intelligent, busy professionals, so we strive to provide training options that won’t waste your time or question your intelligence. We require our work to be:


Nutrient rich

We strive to provide highly relevant content in the smallest possible package.


Personally relevant

We prioritize skills that have a direct connection to the individual’s day to day success.


Immediately actionable

We break down all of our solutions into actions—tangible steps that are within the individual’s control.


Easily applied

We believe in minimal effort for maximum payoff, which is why we encourage building skills through mini-habits that can be practiced throughout the day.

Cara Hale Alter

Our Founder

For 20 years, Cara Hale Alter has been helping people unlock their potential. An industry-defining speaker and author, Cara travels the world sharing the transformative power of Visible Credibility.

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