Cara Hale Alter has a talent for translating elusive concepts into practical action steps. Whether she’s discussing how to project credibility, cultivate trust, or tame adrenaline, Cara’s keynotes provide the perfect blend of substantive material and tangible takeaways, all delivered in a playful, energetic style.

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Speaker Bio

Relying on 20 years of research, Cara has a deep understanding of how nonverbal communication shapes the perception of leadership presence. As the founder of SpeechSkills and the author of the critically acclaimed book The Credibility Code, she has provided training to numerous Fortune 100 companies around the globe. In addition, she’s lectured at Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkeley, appeared in countless media outlets including and USA Today, and won national awards for public speaking. An advocate for diversity and inclusion, Cara has served on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners and is currently featured on the Lean In website with her video series Taming Adrenaline.

Cara Hale Alter

Keynote Topics

Each of the topics below can be delivered in person or virtually in 60-90 minute modules or combined together to make a full day of programming.

The Credibility Code

In her signature presentation, Cara Hale Alter demonstrates and deconstructs what it takes to cultivate Visible Credibility. She examines the power of the “sub-textual” conversation and identifies the specific “codes of conduct”—for posture, gestures, vocal skills, eye contact, and more—that influence the perception of credibility.
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Building Trust and Rapport in a Virtual Medium

In this live virtual seminar, Cara Hale Alter takes the core concepts from her book The Credibility Code and adapts them for virtual meetings. She addresses the unique challenges of the medium—more distance, less engagement—and offers straightforward tips for looking your best on webcam, creating faster bonds, and forging more authentic connections.
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Taming Adrenaline: Surefire Strategies for Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

We’ve all experienced it: the higher the stakes, the higher the adrenaline. Just when we need to perform at our best, our nerves can threaten to derail our efforts. This playful, yet practical seminar addresses how to avoid the “tells” of nervousness, take control of your internal chemistry, and keep your composure when it matters most.
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Strengthening Community in Virtual Teams

Designed specifically for people who lead virtual meetings, remote teams, or cross functional projects, this seminar provides practical strategies for bringing more humanity to the virtual experience. We’ll address how to encourage more participation, onboard new team members, promote team cohesion, and counteract virtual meeting fatigue.
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Cara’s events around the globe:

With a consistent schedule of 50 keynotes or large-group seminars per year, Cara has delivered over 1,500 stage presentations in more than 20 countries.


“A true master of public speaking, Cara Hale Alter is not just compelling and captivating; she shows you how to be compelling and captivating. She is the closest thing to a magic pill that transforms you into a leader.”

— Jeannine Sano, Partner at Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider LLP


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