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The Credibility Code Online Course
Video training library and self-study guide — $499.95
Are you ready for a personal breakthrough?

The Credibility Code Online (TCCO) library gives you the tools you need to develop a confident, credible image. In each video lesson, SpeechSkills’ founder Cara Hale Alter breaks down the core concepts from her critically acclaimed book The Credibility Code – complete with behavior demos, skill drills, practice ideas, worksheets, and self-assessment tools – to give you a comprehensive self-study guide to cultivating your personal presence.

Video lessons are 2-26 minutes in length, depending on the skill set.  With 20+ videos, this comprehensive program contains more than 4 hours of content-rich instruction.

Once you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to all of the videos lessons in the TCCO library – feel free to dive into whichever topic interests you most.

If you prefer more structure, we’ve also bundled the lessons into a 6-module self-study course to guide you step-by-step through the curriculum.
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The Credibility Code Key Concepts
The Credibility Code in a Nutshell (26:06)
Core Skills
Posture and Gestures (18:35)
Vocal Skills: Volume (13:10)
Vocal Skills: Articulation (7:11)
Vocal Skills: Pacing (5:23)
Vocal Skills: Expression (6:29)
Vocal Skills: Resonance (6:51)
Eye Contact (18:12)
Advanced Skills
Focus Skills (11:41)
Balancing Authority and Approachability (10:24)
Correcting an Imbalance (21:04)
Eliminating Fillers (11:45)
Eliminating Upward Inflections (10:33)
Avoiding Self-comments and Apologies (13:02)
Managing Nervousness
Taming Adrenaline (16:22)
The BOSS Checklist (2:45)
Practice Tools
The Self-assessment Process (6:26)
Rapid Skill Acquisition Worksheet (7:20)
Daily Practice Journal (3:26)
SoundBites (3:48)
The Flag Game (3:44)
Module Overviews
TCCO Module 1 Course Overview (13:51)
TCCO Module 2 Overview (5:01)
TCCO Module 3 Overview (5:14)
TCCO Module 4 Overview (2:20)
TCCO Module 5 Overview (3:14)
TCCO Module 6 Overview (2:52)
Bonus Material
Leading Effective Teleconferences (33:27)
Presenting with Slides (28:19)
Enrollment gives you one-year access to the program, so you can go at your own pace and review as often as you like.

Along the way, you’ll learn how to…
  • Cultivate your leadership presence
  • Develop a powerful speaking voice
  • Find a perfect balance between authority and approachability
  • Avoid unintentional behaviors that may lower your status
  • Demonstrate composure when the pressure is on
  • Effectively manage speaking anxiety
  • Identify and prevent the “tells” of nervousness and intimidation
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Want to see a sample video? Here’s this month’s favorite: Posture and Gestures (18:35)

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What People Are Saying

"Cara Hale Alter delivers what many promise but few even understand: she demystifies the nonverbal cues that establish credibility."
— Patricia Ryan Madson, Stanford Professor Emerita, Author of Improv Wisdom
"Cara Hale Alter is the closest thing to a magic pill that transforms you into a leader."
— Jeannine Yoo Sano, Partner, White & Case
"When it comes to executive presence, Cara Hale Alter is the only expert I’ve ever seen who can define it, demonstrate it, and make it actionable."
— Lynda Ziegler, Executive Vice President, Southern California Edison

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