Private Coaching

One-on-one Coaching

Whether you want to increase your overall skill level, prepare for an upcoming event, or become more effective when on a virtual meeting, one of our highly qualified SpeechSkills trainers can provide personalized coaching in hourly sessions via video Zoom (or other virtual format), at your office, or in our San Francisco office.

Speaker Preparation

Preparing for a big event? We’ll help you make the most of your moment in the spotlight. One of our highly qualified trainers can provide expert, on-the-spot coaching to fine-tune your content, sharpen your visual aids, and liven up your delivery. Preparation coaching can take place one month, one week, or even one day before the event, at your location or ours.

Executive Training

For those who must perform impeccably in high-stakes situations, Rebecca Stockley, our executive coaching specialist, can provide private executive coaching at your location or SpeechSkills San Francisco office. This session focuses on developing leadership presence in all face-to-face interactions—from one-on-one meetings, to media interviews, to formal presentations—and relies heavily on videotaped exercises. You’ll receive concrete feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, in-depth on-camera coaching, and a detailed action plan for moving your skills to the next level. Special attention will be paid to
  • projecting credibility and confidence
  • connecting with your audience (whether live or on-camera)
  • finding a balance between appearing authoritative and approachable
  • unintentional behaviors that may lower your perceived status
  • thinking clearly when the pressure is on

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What People Are Saying

"Just one coaching session with Cara boosted my confidence and helped me put forth my best self. After eight months of unsuccessful interviews, I landed my dream job the next day. I wish I had talked to Cara ten interviews ago!"
—Rachel Dempsey
Coauthor of
What Works for Women at Work
"Cara Hale Alter is the best consultant I've ever brought in. She has the extraordinary ability to build upon the natural style of each individual. My staff unanimously gave her rave reviews."
—Jocelyn Quintos
Department of Public Works
City and County of San Francisco

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