What is Credibility Quest?

Credibility Quest is a self-paced online program that provides the easiest and most practical way to master the skills introduced in The Credibility Code. While books and workshops can be extremely helpful, they fail to provide the longer-term structure and support needed to facilitate true behavioral change. Credibility Quest gives you the perfect practice vehicle to take your skills from concept to mastery.
Credibility Quest - Home Page
The Credibility Quest allows you to easily navigate through 30 micro-learning modules.
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Credibility Quest - Program Highlights
  • 30 lessons focusing on five key skills: Posture, Voice, Eye Contact, Eliminating Fillers, Avoiding Uptalk
  • Short sessions – each no longer than 15 minutes – to accommodate busy schedules
  • Guided virtual coaching with video lessons, online practice exercises, and offline practice suggestions
  • Engaging platform with interactive questions, playful rewards, and opportunities to share insights
  • Self-paced format with email invitations to next lessons and follow-up emails with key takeaways
  • Personalized goal setting and periodic progress checks
  • Optional practice reminders to keep new skills top of mind
  • Clear dashboard metrics for administrators to track group progress
  • Unlimited 6-month access to the complete program; revisit lessons and tools as often as you like
Credibility Quest - Program Benefits
Visible Credibility
Project credibility and confidence so others immediately recognize your expertise and value.

Career Advancement
Proactively cultivate your leadership presence to create a path for higher-level responsibilities.

Internal Confidence
Experience authentic self-confidence as your new skills become second nature.

Real-world Relevance
Optimize time by using your daily, real-world interactions as micro-practice opportunities.
Credibility Quest - Curriculum Agenda
The lessons for each skill are interspersed across the program to allow you to work on multiple skills simultaneously.
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Credibility Quest - Program Insights as a Word Cloud
Key takeaways from our first CQ participants.
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What people are saying.

“The Credibility Quest online course is fantastic. Beyond fantastic. So practical and easily consumable, we enrolled our entire department. It was our highest rated segment at our recent offsite.”
— Connie Brenton
Sr. Director of Operations, Legal Department
NetApp, Inc.
“After more than twenty five years in the Training and Development industry, every once in a while a gem crosses your desk. SpeechSkills provides the complete package to show you how to deliver your message with impact."
—Joe Recchio
Manager of Training & Development
Dart Container Sales

What’s the cost?

Credibility Quest is available to individuals for $250.00, but until June 30th, 2019, SpeechSkills is offering a special corporate client discount of $50 per user for teams of 50 or more.

Contact us to enroll in Credibility Quest.

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