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Our online programs feature two unique learning tracks. Credibility Quest is a comprehensive course with a suite of multimedia tools, social interaction, gamification options, and progress tracking. Credibility Essentials is a lean, fast-paced program with quick-bite lessons and easy to adopt practice ideas.

Credibility Quest

Credibility Quest is an award-winning virtual coaching program offering over 6 hours of interactive skill building. The 30 unique lessons are metered out over time to provide the structure necessary to facilitate true behavioral change.

Program Highlights

  • 30 lessons focusing on five key skills: Posture, Voice, Eye Contact, Eliminating Fillers, Avoiding Uptalk
  • Short sessions – each approximately 10 minutes – accommodate busy schedules
  • Guided virtual coaching with video lessons, online practice exercises, and offline practice suggestions
  • Engaging platform with interactive questions, playful rewards, and opportunities to share insights
  • Self-paced format with email invitations to next lessons and follow-up emails with key takeaways
  • Personalized goal setting and periodic progress checks
  • Optional practice reminders to keep new skills top of mind
  • Unlimited 6-month access to the complete program; revisit lessons and tools as often as you like

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What's the cost?

6-month access:
$250 per person for 1-249 users
$200 per person for 250 or more users

What people are saying

"The Credibility Quest online course is fantastic. Beyond fantastic. So practical and easily consumable, we enrolled our entire department. It was our highest rated segment at our recent offsite."
Connie Brenton, Sr. Director of Operations, Legal Department
NetApp, Inc.


Credibility Essentials

This program is designed for professionals whose resources of time and energy are in short supply. We break down materials into tangible action steps that are under your control, making each bite-sized lesson immediately applicable in the real-world.

Program Highlights

  • Five Modules address key skills: Posture, Voice, Eye Contact, Eliminating Fillers, and Avoiding Uptalk
  • Over 30 concise videos, laser focused on key skills
  • Every 3-4 minute lesson includes a practice suggestion you can immediately implement
  • Each concept is distilled down to its most accessible action step
  • Dozens of ideas for incorporating practice into your daily routine
  • Extended videos on Managing Nervousness, Presenting with Slides, and Looking Your Best on Webcam.
  • Group practice guide for accountability partners and teams
  • Optional daily email nudges to keep skills top of mind
  • 1-year access to the entire program

Sample Video: Voice
What's the cost?

1-year access:
$100 per person for 1 user
$75 per person for 250 or more users

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