Small-group Workshops

Experience hands-on learning in an intimate setting. Designed for eight or fewer participants, and delivered either onsite or virtually, our workshops combine content-rich information with personalized coaching to raise your team’s level of performance.

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Projecting Credibility and Confidence - One day

Show up at your best on purpose, every time, with our signature workshop. Through a combination of tailored curriculum, precise feedback, and practical skill building, this workshop will increase your awareness of your personal style while providing you with a tangible action plan for improvement.

Powerful Presentations - Two days

In the business world, it’s not what you say that counts - it’s what they hear. Great presenters deliver information while capturing and holding attention, and in this workshop you’ll learn how to make a connection so your audience will hang on your every word.

Thinking on Your Feet - Half day

What do you do when you don’t have time to prepare? Train your ideas to come to you when you call in this fast-paced workshop that will help you overcome nerves and master the impromptu interactions that can have a significant impact on your career.

Advanced Presentation Skills - One day

In your first SpeechSkills workshop, you learned what it takes to project a confident, credible image. Now, take your speaking skills to the next level. The first half of this workshop will focus on practice so you can reinforce your strengths and evaluate your progress. In the second half, we’ll raise the level of difficulty by including visual aids.

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