The Credibility Code Book

In The Credibility Code, author Cara Hale Alter demystifies the nonverbal cues that establish credibility. Relying on 20 years of research, she outlines clear, concise “codes of conduct” for posture, gestures, vocal skills, eye contact, and more. Individually, these behaviors are easily implemented; together, they form a skill set that can transform your career. Among the insights in these pages:

  • how literally keeping a level head empowers you
  • why the “gesture box” is the place to be
  • how to speak with optimal volume (or risk being merely adequate)
  • what the rules for eye contact are, and why duration matters
  • what the classic “tells” of nervousness and intimidation include—and how to overcome them
  • how speech fillers, self-commenting, “up talk,” and other common habits can derail one’s image
  • how to balance authority and approachability

The Credibility Code brings its eye-opening observations right off the page and shows you how to make the credibility-enhancing behaviors part of your everyday life, by including
  • online access to short demonstration videos for each chapter
  • real-world examples and exercises
  • self-assessment tools for identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
For professionals at every level, The Credibility Code provides a step-by-step methodology for developing your best image!
The Credibility Code
How to Project Confidence and Competence When It Matters Most
A book with 10 demo videos — $19.95

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