"Cara Hale Alter led an amazing leadership skills workshop for our organization (the Asian American Bar Association of the Greater Bay Area). She was incredibly engaging, and provided our membership with very practical skills on how to project credibility. Cara took the time to answer our individual questions and provided us with great exercises to hone our leadership skills. Her workshop was a life changing experience. Cara is a super star."
Elizabeth Loh
Asian American Bar Association Women’s Committee (2017)
"The feedback and evaluations were unanimously excellent! Thanks for bringing enormous value, relevant insight, and a huge measure of meaningful and productive fun to IDEO!"
Tom Stat
Director of Business Development
“We have been working with Cara & the SpeechSkills team for the past 2 years. Cara is an exceptional speaker and a gifted teacher. The Projecting Credibility & Confidence seminar has proven to be one of the most valuable training sessions for our team members. Virtually everyone who attends the seminar walks away with practical learnings that can be put to use immediately to make them more effective in their role.”
Payandeh Ekrami
Sales Manager
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc
"In a nutshell, "Projecting Credibility and Confidence" has become the highest value learning program among our employees by building more than just presentation skills; it builds self-confidence. Cara is dynamic and engaging—100% of attendees rate her as excellent."
Steve Leech
Director of Training, Human Resources
"Cara Hale Alter was one of the most interesting and helpful speakers we've had in 15 years of programming!"
Ben Riley
President, Northern California Chapter
Association of Business Trial Lawyers
"Before SpeechSkills, our company struggled to leverage our significant sales expertise. Today, our salespeople are sought-after speakers for industry events. More importantly, our sales force is now able to effectively articulate the value of our company."
Tom Bagwell
Director, Peterson University and Power Marketing
Peterson Power Systems
"The value of this training is tremendous. I credit a great deal of my success to what I learned from SpeechSkills. I continually stress with my students and colleagues that this may be the single most important training of their careers."
David Bangsberg, MD, MPH
Director, Harvard Initiative for Global Health
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
"The best workshop of this kind I've ever attended. Extremely valuable for attorneys at all levels."
Joan M. Haratani, Esq.
Past President, Bar Association of San Francisco
"When it comes to executive presence, Cara Hale Alter is the only expert I’ve ever seen who can define it, demonstrate it, and make it actionable."
Lynda Ziegler
Executive Vice President
Southern California Edison
"This class was truly excellent.  Ed is one of the most engaging and passionate people who has ever taught me anything. Very impressed."
Skylar Johnson
Facilities Manager
"Thanks again, Cara, for your AMAZING presentation at the Leadership Academy. You received nothing but rave reviews. We had several board members in attendance who have attended many professional development programs. They said they’d never seen a presentation like yours and learned so much from it."
Jamie Dolkas
Director of Women's Leadership
UC Hastings College of the Law
Center for WorkLife Law
"This was some of the most effective results-based training I have seen in my entire 40 year career."
Gary Meneghin
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Environmental Services Manager (retired)
"Cara Alter is an amazing personal transformer. All levels of leaders from team leads to senior executives have attended Cara’s program, and it is consistently the highest rated program we offer though our Learning and Development menu."
Kathy Reddick
Leadership Development
Fireman's Fund Insurance
"The skills I learned in the last day and a half will do more to advance my career than any other day and a half of my professional life."
Jessica McCumons
Project Manager - Product Development Engineering
Terumo Cardiovascular Group
"Cara Hale Alter is the best consultant I've ever brought in. She has the extraordinary ability to build upon the natural style of each individual. My staff unanimously gave her rave reviews."
Jocelyn Quintos
Department of Public Works
City and County of San Francisco
"A true master of public speaking, Cara Hale Alter is not just compelling and captivating; she shows you how to be compelling and captivating. She is the closest thing to a magic pill that transforms you into a leader."
Jeannine Yoo Sano
White & Case, Intellectual Property Litigation
"Rather than teaching the same cookie-cutter answers for everyone, SpeechSkills provides a personalized learning environment to develop the skills that work best for each person."
George Mattathil
Chief Executive Officer
Strategic Advisory Group
"After more than 25 years in the training and development industry, every once in a while a gem crosses your desk. SpeechSkills provides the complete package to show you how to deliver your message with impact."
Joe Recchio
Manager of Training and Development
Dart Container Sales
"A home run! This training series was extremely well received by my regional vice presidents. A valuable use of time."
Jay Larson
Vice President of American Field Operations
Mercury Interactive
"Before I took this class, I used to think that certain people had special gifts. Now I understand that these are skills that are achievable for everyone."
Adam Rothschild
Mindtribe Product Engineering
"Cara Hale Alter added tremendous value to our firm, in a short time frame. She's perceptive, quick minded, and right on the money. No fluff."
Andy Price
Vice President and Partner
Schweichler Associates, Inc.
"Cara was wonderful! We look forward to working with her to improve our ability to deliver persuasive presentations internally and to our customers!"
Wesley Chan
Product Manager
"Superb. I feared it would be a 'confidence-in-a-box' kind of experience, with everyone coming out sounding the same. Instead, each participant was coached in specific areas. We all improved—visibly and audibly—while maintaining individuality. There is no question that I am now a better communicator, publicly and privately."
Anne Beirne
Vice President/Writing Director
"Outstanding! The workshops bring a new level of confidence to everyone who attends."
Linda Moudakas
Career Services Manager
Cisco Systems
"I knew the workshop would be helpful, but it far exceeded my expectations. The coaching was right on target and much more detailed than other workshops I've taken."
Jennifer Boerner
Director - Individual Investor Enterprise Marketing Group
Charles Schwab
"This seminar far exceeded my expectations—the perfect balance between information, interactive exercises, and insightful feedback."
Holly Duncan
Vice President/Management Supervisor
“Best training session I’ve EVER attended.”
Charlene Dusack
Senior Product Manager
Terumo Cardiovascular Group:
"Very, very valuable. I can see the results in the response I get from others."
Harsh Kumar
Senior Software Engineer
"The seminar was excellent. I would very much like to get this quality training in other seminars."
Frank Tarzanin
Senior Sales Engineer
"It rocked! The most valuable and transformative workshop I've ever taken."
Christine Fernandez
Associate Market Planning Manager
"A dynamic, inspiring workshop."
Rebecca Saroyan Deputy City Attorney
City and County of San Francisco
"I would recommend SpeechSkills to any professional looking to improve his or her skills as a speaker and a leader. Cara Hale Alter is extremely knowledgeable, refreshingly candid, and a pleasure to work with—a first-rate trainer."
John Robinson
Chief Executive Officer
"Ms. Alter is an excellent trainer. She really personalizes her approach with each person."
Barbara Sutliffe
Deputy Attorney General
California Department of Justice
"Very impactful while being very enjoyable."
Carole Marsh
"Excellent. Cara's clear command of the subject matter makes it easy to trust and value her feedback."
Theresa McGinness
Senior Marketing Manager
"Excellent seminar. Excellent teacher. Very educational and insightful."
David Tsao
Senior IT Specialist
"This seminar actually made me enjoy speaking in public more!"
Annelise Schinzinger
Hospice Caregiver and Author
"Professional, personable, and right on target with regard to feedback."
Erica Abrams
"Fabulous. We all walked away noticeably improved."
– Orlando Delgado
Network Service Manager
"This workshop was extremely beneficial in helping me develop my confidence as a speaker. The exercises really helped!"
Ashok Aneja
Benefit Consultant
"I feel that the impact this training can have on my professional career is tremendous. A great class!"
Sanjana Mehra
Management Consultant
"The value of this workshop was immeasurable. Every single person showed noticeable improvement."
Patricia Gregovich
"An outstanding seminar! A great blend of challenge and insight."
Julie St. Germaine
Safety Coordinator
"Excellent. Absolutely beyond my expectations. The best workshop of this type I've ever taken."
Jeanne Dunfee
Quality Assurance Manager
"The training was fabulous. Very substantive, interactive, and enjoyable. It gave me tools I will incorporate in my day-to-day life as well as in business."
Bradford L. Friedman, Esq.,
Director of Intellectual Property
"Thanks to this workshop, I feel I'm on my way to new heights."
Wayne Lambright
"In my field, communicating effectively with diverse audiences is key. SpeechSkills has provided me with invaluable tools to maximize my effectiveness."
F.C. Fee
F.C. Fee International Inc.
"I got selected for supervisors program. The interview was wonderful. Thanks for the DVD, it really helped me."
Mohammed Jaweed
US Postal Service

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