Live Training

Our live programs offer expert training in an interactive format. We are happy to customize any of our programs to better support your learning objectives.

Open Enrollment Classes

For individuals interested in live training in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City, our schedule of upcoming workshops can be found here.


These 30 to 90-minute presentations are the perfect blend of substance and entertainment. You can expect content-rich information, real-world examples, tangible takeaways, and a playful delivery. Learn more...

Seminars & Workshops

Our seminars and workshops combine content-rich information with hands-on skill building. Depending on your objectives and time frame, you may prefer large-group seminars or small-group workshops.
  • Large-group seminars are for any size group and typically run one to three hours. Audience participation is encouraged through group exercises, games, and skill drills. Learn more...
  • Small-group workshops are typically offered in one-day or two-day formats for groups of eight or fewer participants. The small group size allows for individualized skill assessment and personalized coaching. Learn more...

Private Coaching

Whether you want to increase your overall skill level or prepare for an upcoming event, private coaching gives you one-on-one time with an expert trainer. You can focus on fine-tuning your message, sharpening your visual aids, and/or strengthening your delivery style. Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience and take place at your location, our offices, or via Skype. Learn more...

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What People Are Saying

"The best workshop of this kind I've ever attended. Extremely valuable for attorneys at all levels."
—Joan M. Haratani, Esq.
Past President
Bar Association of San Francisco
“Probably one of the best workshops of any kind I’ve attended. I found the content to be high-level enough to solve the real issues, while being concrete enough for me to actually have a game plan to tackle them.”
—Linh Chuong
Graduate Student
UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

Speechskills, LLC, Public Speaking Instruction, San Francisco, CA